Wet pants

I sit down to finally eat some food after a long morning of trampoline zone and a missed nap time. I take two bites of my macaroni and cheese, and that’s when I feel it..

Freezing Cold Water

All over my lap.

All over the table.

I stare in disbelief at my three year old who decided she was gonna slam her cup across the table because I had dared to give her water instead of juice.

All I wanted was a hot meal.

She gets sent to time out, I clean up, explain to her why it isn’t nice to dump your drinks, (no matter how bad you think water tastes), we hug, and she finishes her meal.

As I sit in my damp pants, staring at her across the table as she eats the rest of her food-taking tiny bites, like a small bird, my heart is filled with love for her. For the spirited little person she is, the crazy stubborn personality she has. I am so lucky to know her. To call her mine. I appreciate everything she brings to my life.

Wet pants and all.


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momma of three • happily married • PNW living • introvert • 25

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