Life Update 🌷

Lately I haven’t really felt up to blogging. I guess it’s had a little to do with not having inspiration to write, and a lot to do with struggling to get my life back on a schedule now that my sweet Landon is crawling!

7 months old and CRAWLING, I just can’t believe it.

So for today, to get me back into the swing of writing I wanted to write an update on my life right now. 😬☺️

Currently my husband is working swing shift, which means he is gone from about 1230 in the afternoon to 1130 at night every single weekday, and gone Saturdays working as well. His work changed his normal day shift to swing, so our lives are a little turned upside down.

Like I said above, our little guy is currently crawling so he has to be monitored pretty much all the time. The girls are wild as always, Leah is turning THREE which blows my mind, and Kayli has learned how to write a few words, read a few short stories and identify every letter of the alphabet.

Our cat had kittens (5) so along with my flock, I also have hers to watch out for. They will only be here till June first though, so we are trying to enjoy them while they are with us. 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

My anxiety levels have definitely been low lately, I’ve been feeling much better than normal! I’m hoping this means my hormones are going back to normal, 😬 but I guess we will see.

I am currently reading a Stephen King book he wrote with his son called Sleeping Beauties, and am not impressed which is sad because I usually love his books! I have two more lined up for when I finish so I’m hoping those ones are better. I’ll give reviews after each in case anyone wants to try one of them out. πŸ€“

The sunnier weather has definitely made me excited for this summer! It will be so nice not to be pregnant when we go to Winthrop for our vacation. 😎 Washington has kind of been off and on with the good weather lately though, which is pretty typical.

Everywhere I look outside I see flowers, blooming on the ground, in the trees, and the air smells like early summer already. Every single time this time of year comes around I just get so excited, 🌸🌼🌷🌱 everything feels fresh, new and happy.

I think for my next blog post I will be writing my bucket list for this summer, or doing one of our daily school routine! I am hoping to start writing a post a day again, and would love if anyone reading had any fun suggestions for things to write about! I hope everyone enjoyed this short little life update, and is also enjoying Springtime!

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